Studio Art Certificate

Studio Art Certificate Undergraduate Certificate Program

About the Studio Art Certificate

Enhance your resume with a certificate in studio art.

Artistic expression isn’t confined to the studio. Add a new dimension to your bachelor’s degree program or strengthen your professional resume with a certificate in studio art from PennWest California.

PennWest California’s hands-on, 12-credit certificate allows undergraduates in any major to build competence in studio art media, techniques, processes and goals. You’ll choose from a wide selection of courses that fuel your passion for art while training your hands and your mind.

You’ll learn to think like an artist, gaining confidence as you build the systems thinking skills required in design and the critical thinking skills needed to create compelling works of contemporary art. Grounded in the humanities, this program’s coursework also helps you develop the social and interpretive skills that have value in any profession.

Adding this certificate makes your degree stand out to employers and graduate schools, whether you major in psychology, biology, computer science, liberal studies, digital multimedia technology, education or another field of study. The program also is open to artists who are seeking a certificate only.

Choose your own path.

PennWest California’s studio art certificate program offers a variety of options, whether you are augmenting your major or looking for a stand-alone credential.

Select any four approved art courses (3 credits each) to earn a certificate in general studio art; choose to concentrate on 2-D, 3-D or digital art; or focus your studies on a single one of these studio areas:

  • Ceramics
  • Digital art
  • Drawing
  • Jewelry/metals
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

While earning your studio art certificate, you’ll build a portfolio of art practice you can use professionally, or to apply for exhibitions or graduate programs.


Make connections: In this program, you’ll learn how art intersects with the wider world. You will explore the role of art in society and analyze its content and meaning within relevant social, political, economic, religious and cultural contexts. You’ll critique the work of other artists and examine how the medium, style and subject matter of your own artwork reflects your personal experience and the world around you.  

Top Faculty: Faculty who teach PennWest California’s studio art courses are practicing artists whose real-world experience informs their instruction. They foster creativity while empowering students to realize their personal potential.

Program Accreditation: Certificate courses are drawn from PennWest California’s bachelor's degree program in art, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).  

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Credits required to earn the certificate in studio art.
of PennWest California faculty in the art department are practicing artists.
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Certificate Benefits

Adding this  certificate to your bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, biology, multimedia technology or another field demonstrates your interest and ability. Use the art certificate program to give your existing resume a boost, or to stand out as a job candidate who can offer a unique combination of thinking abilities and hands-on skills.

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Program Outcomes

 Students who complete the studio art certificate program learn to:

  • Create works of art or design in one or more media.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of design principles in the creation of art.
  • Experiment with studio art materials and techniques.
  • Explore the aesthetic and expressive potential of art media.
Studio Art: On-Campus Certificate
A PennWest California art alumni works in graphic design.

Creative Spaces

Students in the studio art certificate program work alongside other emerging artists in facilities such as PennWest California’s two-story painting studio, state-of-the-art computer labs, and fully equipped studios dedicated to ceramics, jewelry/metals, drawing and printmaking.

PennWest California Art student smiling.

Why Add a Studio Art Certificate?

The reasons are as different as the students in this program! Future teachers may wish to expand their presentation skills. Biologists might want to improve their field sketches. Computer scientists may be intrigued by digital design. Professionals in any field may wish to bring superior problem-solving and organizational skills to their job. Course options in this program let you explore the area that interests you most.

An art student in a ceramic studio.

Art Degree Options

How do you start an art career? In addition to the studio art certificate, PennWest California offers a bachelor’s degree in art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Both programs are designed to provide the knowledge, hands-on skills and professional preparation required for a career in the art world.

Studio Art Certificate Courses

Certificate Requirements - Student select four courses (3 credits each) from an extensive list of options to earn a general studio art certificate; to concentrate your cerificate on 2-D, 3-D or digital art; or to earn a certificate in one of seven studio areas.


Course Credits
Choose One of the Following Concentrations:  
General Studio Art Concentration 12
Complete any four ART studio* courses  
Single Studio Area Concentration 12
Complete four courses in any single ART studio area*, including ART 329 and 490  
2-D Concentration Area  12
Complete four courses from the following:
ART 130  Biological Illustration: Form and Function
ART 227  Graphic Design Studio I  
ART 233  Natural Science Drawing  
ART 262  Color Theory  
ART 266  Selected Topics  
ART 295  Surface Design  
ART 310  Advanced Drawing  
ART 312  Introduction to New and Emerging Art Media  
ART 315  Digital Painting I  
ART 329  Art Internship  
ART 350  Printmaking: Relief  
ART 351  Printmaking: Intaglio  
ART 352  Printmaking Processes  
ART 383  Painting Studio  
ART 438  Figure Drawing  
ART 458  Figure Drawing and Modeling  
ART 490  Senior Studio Thesis  
ART 496  Advanced Painting  
3-D Concentration Area 12
Complete four courses from the following:  
ART 118  History of Making  
ART 266  Selected Topics  
ART 329  Art Internship  
ART 376  Jewelry/Metals: Casting  
ART 377  Jewelry/Metals: Fabrication  
ART 382  Ceramics Studio  
ART 385  Sculpture Studio  
ART 448  Figure Modeling  
ART 458  Figure Drawing and Modeling  
ART 490  Senior Studio Thesis  
ART 493  Advanced Ceramics  
ART 498  Advanced Sculpture  
Digital Art Area Concentration 12
Complete four courses from the following:   
ART 127  Introduction to Graphic Design  
ART 215  Digital Painting I  
ART 227  Graphic Design Studio I  
ART 261  Typography  
ART 262  Color Theory  
ART 266  Selected Topics  
ART 329  Art Internship  
ART 427  Graphic Design Studio III  
ART 428  Graphic Design Studio IV  
ART 490  Senior Studio Thesis  
CDC 252  The Art of Film  
GCM 101 Time-Based Media  
GCM 180  Multimedia Foundations  
GCM 225  Digital Layout   
GCM 240  Electronic Desktop Publishing  
GCM 300  Digital Photography  
GCM 320  Digital Video  
GCM 331  Web Publishing  
GCM 340  Animation and 3-D Imaging  
GCM 365  Color Imaging  
GCM 410  Digital Portfolio  
GCM 495  Graphic Communications Internship  
GET 130  Introduction to Engineering Technology  
Total 12

*Studio areas include:

  • Ceramics
  • Digital Art
  • Drawing
  • Jewelry/Metals
  • Painting
  • Printmaking

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