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Winter College

California University of Pennsylvania now offers a five-week Winter College session for undergraduate and graduate students. 

Classes begin Dec. 19, 2016 and run through Jan. 20, 2017

Courses are open to Cal U students, and to visiting students from other universities.

Courses are offered at a five week session and are exclusively online!

For questions about Winter College, e-mail

Students Enrolled at Other Institutions within the PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE)

If you are a student at one of the other 13 PA State System Universities (PASSHE) and wish to enroll at Cal U as a Visiting Student, you will need to complete an Application for Visiting Student Status form.

Undergraduate application for visiting student status

Graduate application for visiting student status

This form needs to be signed by the Registrar at your home institution and then scanned or mailed to:

California University of PA
Office of Academic Affairs - Box 4
250 University Ave.
California, PA 15419

Available Courses

Undergraduate Courses Graduate Courses

ARB 421 Arabic Literature in Translation

CED 788 Special Topics
ATE 340 Sports Nutrition CRM 720 Research Meth in Criminology
CIS 110 Intro to Information Systems CRM 840 Equivocal Death Analysis
COM 101 Oral Communication ECO 716 Applied Economic Analysis
CSC 101 Personal Productivity Software PRF 700 Orientation Ex Sci & Hlth Prom
EAS 105 (Lab) Extreme Weather PRF 701 SAQ and End Training
EAS 150 Intro to Geology PRF 705 Ind Cin Corp Well
EDU 333 Tech in Teaching & Learning PRF 713 Spec Top Spt Psych
ESP 100 Disability in Media PRF 780 Curr Top Perf Enhnmt
ESP 210 SpEd Found Collab PRF 781 CurrentTopics Fitness/Wellness
FIN 304 Personal Finance PRF 782 Current Topics in Rehab
GEO 205 World Cities/Geo Tour PRF 784 Current Top Hlth & Well Coach
HIS 348 History of Sport SPT 700 Research Methods in Sports
JUS 305 International Criminal Justice SPT 710 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Sport

JUS 429 Terrorism

LAW 450 Labor and Employment Law  
MAT 100 Survey of Mathematics
MAT 181 College Algebra
MAT 205 Statistics for Health/Soc Sci
MGT 300 Principles of Management
MGT 311 Org Theory & Design
MGT 371 Mgt Information System
MUS 100 Intro to Music
PSY 100 General Psychology
PSY 303 Cross Cultural
SOC 380 Society and the Sociopath
SOC 410 Social Theory & Society
WST 330 Gender Race and Media