Questions to ask at a college open house

Open house events are a great opportunity for you and your family to gather the details of attending Cal U that are important to … you.

Questions to Ask at a College Open House

You can expect to see a lot of different people associated with the University at an Open House, so you should take advantage of their presence by asking many questions. We expect great questions from you and are ready to provide answers! Here are some of the top questions to ask at a college open house (and some answers to get you ahead of the game):

What is the average class size of introductory classes?

It is important that the class size of a university matches your preference for education. Do you prefer a small class size where discussion among your classmates and professor occurs, or would you rather be in a large environment with a lecturing professor? Maybe somewhere in between is right for you? 

Cal U’s student-to-faculty ratio is 19:1, so you can expect classes to be around that size. Some of your core courses may be a little larger, and some of your major-specific courses may be smaller. If you have the chance to meet a professor in your major of interest, it is a great idea to ask about specific class sizes for the courses you will be taking.

How widely used are teaching assistants on your campus?

Teaching assistants are typically graduate students who may help teach undergraduate classes for professors. At large institutions, it is common to see teaching assistants as the sole instructor for introductory classes. 

At Cal U, teaching assistants as sole instructors for a classes are hardly ever used. Most of our teaching assistants work in lab-based courses to help set up the laboratory and offer help during projects.

What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research can be a vital learning experience during your years at a university. Research helps students further study topics of interest, build numerous skills and expand your resume.

The Center for Undergraduate Research at Cal U facilitates faculty-led research experiences for students in all majors,providing financial support and a student travel fund.

What work-study opportunities are there?

Work-study is a type of financial aid that allows to earn money toward education expenses and gain valuable work experience. Cal U offers two separate work-study programs:

Federal work-study, which is awarded only to students who demonstrate financial need.

Institutional work-study,which is available to all students regardless of need. On-campus work-studyjobs are made available each semester, and new opportunities are often added.Work-study positions can be available in academic departments and in otherareas of the University, such as the Office of Human Resources, UniversityDevelopment and Alumni Relations, and more.

What type of tutoring programs do you have, and how do you provide academic advice to students?

There may come a time in your college career that you need a little extra help understanding coursework or improving about math and writing skills. Resources available to students on campus should be a component factored into your college search.

Cal U’s Office of Academic Success provides a wealth of resources to help you become a successful graduate of our University. One-on-one tutoring is available as well as a math lab, reading clinic and writing center. The Student Success Center helps you define and maintain your academic milestones. There also is a peer mentoring program and scheduling assistance center on campus.

What type of career services do you have?

Many colleges and universities offer career services to help a student find a career path that will lead you to a happy and successful life after graduation.  

The Career and Professional Development Center at CalU is a one-stop shop for career questions. The center helps students determine what types of careers they may be interested in and also offers career coaching, scholarships that support internship experiences, and networking opportunities.

What kind of residence hall choices are there?

If it is possible for you, living on campus in a residence hall can be an important factor in your educational experience. Living in a residence hall can be a great social experience, and it keeps you close to food and entertainment on campus — not to mention your classes and professors.

Cal U students enjoy spacious rooms in buildings that fit your needs with on-site computer labs, wireless internet, laundry facilities and much more. They even are more private then “typical” dorm rooms.There are many different floorplans available, including apartment-style housing at Vulcan Village.

What activities are offered to students?

With all that hard work in the classroom, you will need time to play. What type of entertainment is available to you in your off time is something you should be considering. 

By blending the entertainment and enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom, Cal U offers something for students almost every day of the week. The campus has more than 100 student-run clubs and offers live concerts, musical productions, movies, sports and recreation, and much more.

At our SAI Farm, students can get a workout in on the exercise trail, play disc golf, go hiking and even join the community garden.

Other Questions to Ask at a College Open House

While these are just a few examples of the questions to ask at a college open house, there may be others you and your family have discussed. Some questions are better discussed with a counselor or financial aid expert on campus. Here are some other great questions to ask:


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