A female student at a lab computer.A female student at a lab computer.

Cal U Interns

Experience outside of the classroom will help our students develop a career direction, develop career-related skills and learn the ways of the workforce, and ultimately prepare our students for the transition into the workplace. 

We believe there are great opportunities for Cal U graduates to help out current students. Think back to the way it was when you were an undergrad; wouldn't it be nice for your company to help out an undergrad of Cal U? 

If you are interested in having your company get involved in the Cal U internship process, contact Internlink.  Within this website you will discover our simple online instructions that make the internship process run smoothly. You have the option to create a profile of your company, edit and add information, and post jobs by going to this link. 

If you prefer, the Internship Center staff can create and update your information and internship opportunities for you. Call the Internship Center at 724-938-1578 or e-mail Karen Primm at primm@calu.edu for assistance.

Once again, thank you for your interest in and support of California University's internship program.  Your willingness to lend your time and honorable experience is greatly appreciated.  We hope the following information will help ensure that your experience with a Cal U student is positive and productive.