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A Cal U sign reading Building Careers hangs in front of Noss Hall.A Cal U sign reading Building Careers hangs in front of Noss Hall.

Internship Supervisors

A businessman explaining a concept to a potential intern.

What is Expected of an Internship Supervisor?

By working with California University of Pennsylvania to set up a strong internship program, your company will be providing experiences related to students' majors.  In return, these motivated students will complete work that contributes to your mission.
Because internships actively support students' learning endeavors, the intern supervisor will play a key role in the effectiveness of the program. Ideally, a person who is interested in the professional development of young people should be assigned to oversee the student(s).  
The role of the intern supervisor includes:

  • Providing a clear job/project description for the work experience
  • Orienting students to the organization, its "culture" and the work assignment(s)
  • Assisting students in developing and achieving personal learning objectives
  • Hosting an onsite visit from the faculty supervisor sometime during the work term
  • Offering feedback to the student on a regular basis
  • Completing formal written evaluations at the request of the faculty supervisor


We are here to help. Contact the Internship Center by phone at 724-938-1578 or e-mail