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Advanced Investigations Courses

These certification courses are available through California University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Law and Public Policy, and are also considered approved training by Pennsylvania State Division of the International Association for Identification. The advanced courses will include instruction from the area's best in their fields of work.

Course Information

Advanced Latent Print

This will be a more advanced study and cover common problems as well as better procedures to help get the best possible results.  

  • Portable Cyanoacrylate fuming
  • Ninyhdrin
  • Thermal paper
  • Difficult surfaces
  • Chemical Processing
  • Limited use of alternate light sources
  • Advanced use of powder, including methods to enhance and improve latents
  • Other advanced techniques

This class will also cover a basic understanding of what constitutes of value prints to aid investigators in determining what collected items should be submitted. 

In addition, we will request those attending to submit topics they would like to have covered in this course prior to attending.  We will make every effort to be sure that the most popular requested topics are addressed in this class.

 Presented by Wayne Reutzel, certified fingerprint examiner with over 30 years of experience.

Advanced Forensic Photography

Topics covered and demonstratedwill be:

  • Photographing outdoors
  • Photographing a structure, inside and outside
  • Photographing a vehicle
  • Evidence recovery through photography, including latent prints, shoe and tire impressions, tool marks
  • Difficult photographs including latents on glass or a mirror, impressions in snow
  • Advanced photographic equipment
  • Image storage
  • Legal issues
 Presented by Detective Brian Kohlhepp, BA, MA of the Ross Police Forensic Investigation Unit—a forensic professional and instructor.

Advanced Death Investigation

Specific topics include:

  • Advanced DNA Techniques (Touch, Familial)
  • Cause and Manner of Death
  • Crime Scene
  • Blood Spatter
  • Utilizing non-LE resources and experts
  • Physical Evidence (Class and Individual)
  • Protecting the Scene and Evidence both Legally and Scientifically
  • Wound Patterns
Presented by Commander Ron Freeman

Commander Ron Freeman is a 37-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Police Department.  He spent 20 years as a homicide detective and his last 14 years as commander of the homicide, robbery, burglary, arson, auto theft, night felony, and mobile crime unit squads.  He is an adjunct professor at Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh in a number of criminal justice and forensic topics.  He teaches continuing education for police detectives in topics of forensics, criminal, and death investigations.  In addition, Cmdr. Freeman oversees and coordinates student projects in a number of forensic topics ranging from footwear impressions to breakthrough work in DNA discovery.  Commander Freeman has lectured to numerous organizations about criminal justice topics, forensics, and death investigations.