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Community Collection Oral Histories

The Center for Oral History at California University of PA seeks to add to local history by capturing and archiving the thoughts and perceptions of nearby community members from all walks of life.  Community-focused oral history projects satisfy that goal and bring to life the stories of men and women who are the hearts and souls of our neighboring communities.  We invite you to explore these projects in Community Collections and enjoy the people who represent the spirit of our region.



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Community Collections Oral Histories

Women of Accomplishment

Greater Monessen Historical Society/Monessen Heritage Museum Project

John Billy - U.S. Army Air Force

Stephen "Ron" Chromulak - U. S. Air Force

John Andrew Dudas - Army, PA National Guard

George Essey - U.S. Navy

Joseph Gallo - U.S. Navy

Nancy Horvath Kerns - U.S. Navy - WAVES

Floyd Kizzie - U.S. Army

Nick Milinovich - U. S. Navy

Alex Neiberger - U. S. Navy

Father Frederick Pfeil - U. S. Navy

Susanna Swade - Department of Defense

Marshall Evans West - United States Air Force

Beatrice M. Yakem - Women's Army Corporation

Mike Yusko, Jr. - U. S. Marines