Color conveys meaning. For that reason, it is a key component of our brand identity. Over many years, the University community and the general public have come to identify PennWest California with our “school colors” of red and black. Incorporating our signature colors provides consistency and makes PennWest California materials easy to recognize.

Our University and Athletics logos use the same primary colors – Vulcan Red, Black and White – defined below. Our secondary colors – Steel Blue and Molten Gold – may be used sparingly as accents only.

CMYK colors should be used for all 4-color printing. RGB colors should be used for all digital materials.

Whether they appear on a brochure, a webpage, a T-shirt or a team uniform, these primary colors say “PennWest California” loud and clear. Use the precise values for each color whenever possible. All reds are not alike! 


Vulcan Red
CMYK: 0,95,100,0
RGB: 218,41,28
HEX: #DA291C
Pantone: PMC 485C


CMYK: 0,0,0,100
RGB: 39,37,31
HEX: #27251F
Pantone: Process Black


CMYK: 0,0,0,0
RGB: 255,255,255

Secondary Colors

These secondary colors are to be used only as accents, such as bullets, subheads or small pull-quotes. The secondary colors should never make up more than 25% of the color used on any given piece of collateral. Tinting and shading of the secondary colors is permitted. 


Steel Blue
CMYK: 87,0,35,57
RGB: 0,98,105
HEX: #006289
Pantone: PMS 7715


Molten Gold
CMYK: 0,32,87,0
RGB: 241,180,52
HEX: #F1B434
Pantone: PMS 143

Logo and Wordmark Colors

Contrast and clarity are important no matter which brand element you’re using. A black wordmark will “disappear” when placed on a dark background; a red logo loses its impact when shown on a scarlet field.

Approved variants of our logos and wordmarks have been created to address this concern. These color variants ensure legibility for our brand elements no matter where they appear.

It’s important to choose the wordmark or logo variation that provides the greatest contrast and clarity.

"PennWest California Logo" on red, black and white background.

When a symbol is being placed over a background image, choose the wordmark or logo variant that provides the greatest contrast.

Our Creative Services team can help you (or your vendor/supplier) select the logo or wordmark with the greatest impact. Call Ext. 4274 or email for assistance.