Download Logos

You are encouraged to show your Vulcan pride and your allegiance to PennWest California. But please remember that these downloadable logos are meant to be used within the University only. You are free to use them on intra- or interdepartmental communications, bulletin board notices and similar items created strictly for use within your area.

Always adhere to the style guide when using these logos – never change the colors or the height-to-width ratio of a logo or wordmark. Do not mix Athletics and University logos, or combine these elements except as shown. Be sure to leave a “clear space” around the logo so it stands out.

NEVER add these logos to email, social media accounts or personal (non-University) communications, including websites, blogs and videos. Do not use them on apparel or giveaway items without permission. These images are trademarked and their use is strictly controlled.

Do NOT share these logos with designers, printers, manufacturers or other third-party providers without first consulting the director of Creative Services (Ext. 4274 or High-resolution versions of these brand elements, in the appropriate size and format, will be provided to approved vendors upon request; contact the Creative Services team at Ext. 4274 or

University Logos

  • University wordmark - 2 lines (JPG | EPS)
  • University wordmark - 3 lines (JPG | EPS)
  • Clock tower logo (JPG | EPS)
  • Clock tower wordmark - 2 lines (JPG | EPS)
  • Clock tower wordmark - 3 lines (JPG | EPS)
  • PennWest California logo (JPG | EPS)
  • PennWest California wordmark (JPG | EPS)

Athletics Logos

  • Vulcan logo (JPG | EPS)
  • Vulcan and wordmark logo (JPG | EPS)
  • Athletics wordmark (JPG | EPS)

Department Logos

  • Department of Applied Engineering Technology (JPG)
  • Department of Art and Languages (JPG)
  • Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences (JPG)
  • Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences (JPG)
  • Department of Chemistry and Physics (JPG)
  • Department of Childhood Education (JPG)
  • Department of Communication, Design and Culture (JPG)
  • Department of Communication Disorders (JPG)
  • Department of Counselor Education (JPG)
  • Department of Criminal Justice (JPG)
  • Department of Earth Sciences (JPG)
  • Department of English (JPG)
  • Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies (JPG)
  • Department of Health Science (JPG)
  • Department of History, Politics, Law and Society (JPG)
  • Department of Library Services (JPG)
  • Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems (JPG)
  • Department of Music and Theatre (JPG)
  • Department of Nursing (JPG)
  • Department of Psychology (JPG)
  • Department of Secondary Education and Administrative Leadership (JPG)
  • Department of Social Work (JPG)
  • Department of Special Education (JPG)
  • Department of TRIO and Academic Services (JPG)