Brands grow stronger when their elements are used consistently and correctly. You can help by avoiding outdated materials and messages, and by presenting our current brand elements properly.

Avoid Outdated Material

It is important that our University speak with one voice when sharing our brand message. PennWest California no longer uses a “tagline.” Instead, we seek to convey the University’s personality every time we communicate, whether in words or symbols.

To stay “on message” with our current branding, do NOT use:

  • The “Building Character. Building Careers” tagline.
  • The “red block” and “script Cal” logos.
  • Older versions of the “clock tower” image.
  • Older versions of the University wordmark.
  • The old Vulcan logo and Vulcans wordmark.

Remember: These outdated messages and symbols no longer represent PennWest California. They will always be part of our history, but they have been retired from active use. Departments and offices are urged to repurpose or recycle outdated materials. When you re-order new materials, our current brand elements will be used.

Never Alter Logos and Wordmarks

Protect our brand’s integrity by avoiding alterations to logos and wordmarks.

  • Never retype a wordmark or try to re-create it in Microsoft Word or any other software program.
  • Do not use unapproved colors or tints; don’t apply shadows or other effects.
  • Do not skew, stretch or change the proportions of any element.
  • Never “flip” or “reflect” an image. (Vulcan always looks to the viewer's right.) Never rotate a wordmark or logo.
  • Avoid combining Athletics and University elements. Use approved combinations only, in exactly the format provided.

University and Athletics logos and wordmarks are available in approved color variations for use on various backgrounds. Select an element that contrasts sharply with the background, or contact the Creative Services team (Ext. 4274 or creativeservices@calu.edu) for advice on which one to use.

Don’t Crowd the Logo

No matter which symbol you use, remember to keep a “clear zone” around the image, so it doesn’t bump up against other design elements. For example, stacking the C and A in the University Wordmark creates a square; its size defines the dimensions of the clear space surrounding the footprint of the logo. Nothing should be placed within the area defined by the outer blue box shown below.

Logo with crowd.