Cal U’s University and Athletics logos are designed to complement each other as part of our overall brand. They utilize the same colors — Vulcan Red, Black and White — and a set of closely related fonts. 

University Brand Elements

Our University logos and wordmarks represent California University of Pennsylvania as a whole. Because they reflect the history, personality and promise of our University, they are appropriate for a wide variety of uses. However, they should not be used on team uniforms or in other situations where the Athletics logo(s) apply.

The University symbols — the University Wordmark, the Cal U Logo and the Clock Tower Logo — may be used alone or combined in a limited number of ways. Because they are inclusive of the entire University, they should not be paired with Athletics wordmarks or logos.

University wordmark.  Cal U Wordmark three lines.  
Clocktower logo  Clock Tower Wordmark three lines.  Clock Tower logo two lines.
Cal U logo  Cal U wordmark.

For additional approved combinations, contact the director of Creative Services (Ext. 4274 or creativeservices@calu.edu).  

The California University Seal is our official ceremonial mark. It symbolizes the proud history of California University of Pennsylvania and consequently, it remains unchanged. The University Seal appears on official ceremonial items, including diplomas, special citations, official documents and signature items such as the President’s Medallion. Any use of the University Seal must be approved in advance by the director of Creative Services.

University Seal

Athletics Brand Elements

Every time a student-athlete suits up or a fan pulls on a Vulcans T-shirt, Cal U’s visual identity is on display. Our Athletics logos and wordmarks represent the competitive spirit and energy of Cal U’s athletics programs and proudly identify our Vulcans sports teams. These logos were designed specifically for uses such as team uniforms, athletics gear, game-day programs, stadium graphics, and clothing and promotional items intended for Cal U’s student-athletes and Vulcans fans. Cal U Athletics also may use these logos to represent the department. 

Athletics symbols — the Vulcan Logo, Vulcans Wordmark and Cal U Athletics Wordmark —  may be used alone or in a limited number of clearly defined combinations. To maintain their distinct identity, they should never pair with the Clock Tower or Cal U logos.

Vulcan Athletics Logo  Vulcans Wordmark Logo  Athletics Cal U Wordmark Logo

Download logos and wordmarks for internal University use only.  Assets for vendors, advertisers, printers or other service providers are available from the director of Creative Services (Ext. 4274 or creativeservices@calu.edu).