College, Department and Office Wordmarks 

The University’s wordmark system defines how the name of a PennWest California College, academic department, office, center or other unit appears in conjunction with the appropriate logo.

These “secondary wordmarks” may be used in place of the University Wordmark for internal communications, on official College/department/office letterhead, and (with the permission of the Creative Services director only) on specific promotional and/or marketing materials. High-resolution wordmarks are available for use by vendors, advertisers, printers and other third-party providers; contact Creative Services ( for details.

A College, department, office or center’s official name is the only text that should be combined with an official University or Athletics logo. Shortened names, nicknames and abbreviations are not permitted.

No unit should design its own wordmark. Never use Microsoft Word or any other software to re-create a College/department/office wordmark. Requests for official wordmarks for units other than Colleges, academic departments and University offices should be directed to Creative Services. If the request is approved, Creative Services will design an official wordmark for that unit.

Remember these rules when using the wordmark of any College, department, office or center:

  • Do not change the color of the image provided. If you need a different color (for example, if the wordmark will appear on a colored background and a contrasting color is required), consult with the Creative Services team.
  • Do not change the font size or the overall proportions of the image provided. The size of the overall wordmark may be altered ONLY if the height-to-width ratio is maintained. Do not make the image too small to be read easily.
  • Do not change the font or font styles within the official wordmark. The mix of regular, bold and/or italic type is key to the University’s wordmark system.
  • Do not crowd the wordmark. Leave a “clear space” between the wordmark and all other text, logos or images.

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