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Speaker Dr. Sugata Mitra presents:

Using Technology to Facilitate Inquiry Based Learning in a Self-Organized Learning Environment


Join Dr. Mitra to gain insight into conceptualizing and deploying self-organized learning environments in your classrooms.

Dr. Mitra is a Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, UK. He developed the “self-organized learning environment” concept through his research in which he installed public "hole in the wall" computers in the streets of Indian slums. He then sat back and watched how quickly the impoverished kids learned to use the technology. The experiment, which has now gone global, inspired the book that inspired the film, "Slumdog Millionaire", in which a boy from the slums improbably learns enough to win a TV quiz.

Dr. Mitra has over thirty-five years experience in Learning Systems, Educational Software and Instructional Design. He has published over 35 research papers and over 1000 articles since 1965.


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