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A Cal U professor uses smart classroom technology to video conference with students in EgyptA Cal U professor uses smart classroom technology to video conference with students in Egypt

Smart Classrooms

Soon every Cal U classroom will be a “smart” classroom — a space equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance both teaching and learning.

A number of classrooms already have been upgraded, and plans call for smart technology to be installed in all 70 Cal U classrooms by fall 2012.

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Photo of level 3 smart classroom in Duda Hall.

Faculty Smart Classroom Trainers


Liberal Arts


Ralph Belstering

Christine Peterson

Holiday Adair

Sean Madden

Ismail Cole

Clyde Roberts

James Burton

Mary Seman

Angela Bloomquist

Marta McClintock

John Confer

Anthony Rodi

Chris Harman

Robert Skwarecki

Clarissa Confer

Pratul Pathak

Chadwick Hanna

Joseph Schickel

Bernadette Jeffrey

Norma Thomas

Craig Fox

Carrie Rosengart

Laura Hummell

Ali Sezer

Jason Kight

Jacqueline Walsh

Arcides Gonzalez

Michael Slavin

John Kallis

Melissa Sovak

Ayanna Lyles

Thomas West

Raymond Hsieh

Emily Sweitzer

Nan Li

Stephen Whitehead

Michael Meyer

Brian Wood

Michael Hummel

Julie Warnick

Mario Majcen

Laura Miller

Clover Wright

Kurt Kearcher

Margo Wilson

Suzanne Palko

Katherine Mitchem

Roy Yarbrough

Harrison Pinckney

Susan Morris-Rutledge

Joseph Zisk

Matthew Price

Aleksandra Prokic

What makes a classroom "smart"?

Level 1

Level 1

The room is controlled with a 4-inch Crestron touchpanel. With the press of a button the projector turns on, the screen drops, audio ramps to the appropriate volume, and software on the dedicated PC is displayed on the projection screen.

Level 2

Level 2

In videoconferencing mode, the instructor can connect to any Level 2or Level 3 classroom on the Cal U campus or to any IP-based outside videoconferencing system. Four wireless handheld microphones and one wireless lavalier (lapel) microphone provide audio transmission for the presenter(s), who can send any two sources to the far-end participant simultaneously. As many as five additional classrooms can be connected through the videoconference.

A 15-inch Crestron touchpanel controls basic functions and all aspects of the audio-visual system, including videoconference-call dialing, source routing, volume and lighting.

Level 3

Level 3
  • Each student seat has a push-to-talk microphone and an individual 4-inch Crestron touchpanel with keypad. Each student enters his or her name at the start of class; it appears on an LED board so the professor can identify each member of the class.
  • When a student wishes to ask a question, he or she presses a button to activate the microphone. The videoconferencing camera zooms in on the student asking the question; when the button is released, the camera zooms back to full classroom view. 
  • Touchpanels allow the instructor to poll students anonymously. Students use the keypad to answer multiple-choice questions, then view the real-time results on the touchpanel.

Presentations in Level 3 rooms can be recorded with a MediaSite recording system and then uploaded to a server, so students can log in and stream the sessions from anywhere in the world.

How smart is your classroom?

Level 1 classrooms:
Coover 110
Coover 123
Duda 202
Duda 210
Duda 211
Duda 212
DUA 312
Duda 313
Eberly 246
Eberly 250
Eberly 251 – SMART Board

Eberly 255
Eberly 266
Eberly 360
Frich 100
Frich 202
Frich 300
Gallagher 106
Gallagher 108
Hamer 136A
Hamer 136B
Hamer 136C
Hamer 142
Hamer 146
Hamer 147
Hamer 148
Helsel 102
Helsel 133A
Keystone 102 – SMART Board
Keystone 104 – SMART Board
Keystone 106 – SMART Board
Keystone 300A – SMART Board
Keystone 300B
Keystone 304
Keystone 327
Keystone 400 – SMART Board
Keystone 419 – SMART Board
Morgan 204
Morgan 222 (Auditorium)
Morgan 231
Morgan 240
Morgan 276C
Morgan 276D
Morgan 329
Morgan 341
New Science 127
New Science 206
Noss 121
Residence Hall A 141
Steele B147
Steele Black Box Theater
Watkins B6
Watkins B9
Watkins 107
Watkins 110
Watkins 114
Watkins 215

Level 2 classrooms:
Duda 103
Duda 116
Keystone 205
Keystone 211
Eberly 110
Eberly 130

Level 3 classrooms:
Duda 117
Keystone 209
Eberly 120

* Updated Aug. 27, 2012

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