Counselor Education

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Vital Program Statistics for the Academic Year 2018-19

The Department of Counselor Education at California University is pleased to provide the following vital statistics regarding our programs. We believe that our students should be informed consumers, and we invite prospective students to contact us for further information.

2018-19 Students by Major

(Those students taking two or more courses per semester)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling      93
School Counseling                                 47
Total Students                                        140

2018-19 Graduates by Major

Clinical Mental Health Counseling      24
School Counseling                                 23
Total Graduates                                      47

2018-19 Completion Rates by Major

(Those students who graduated within the expected time period)
(Some students extended their studies to complete elective specialty certificate programs)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling       84%      
School Counseling                                  83%                              

2018-19 Licensure/Certification Rates by Major

(Those students who were certified as school counselors by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and/or those students licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of State as Licensed Professional Counselors. Some students do not seek licensure/certification)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling        85%    
School Counseling                                   100%

2018-19 Job Placement Rates by Major

(Those students who were employed in their chosen or closely-related field within 180 days of their graduation)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling        70%
School Counseling                                   73%