Applied Criminology

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Master of Arts: Social Science - Applied Criminology - Credits:  30  (program code:  0946)

Certificate - Applied Criminology- Credits: 12 (program code: 0740)

Certificate - Behavioral Crime Analysis - Credits: 12 (program code: 0741)

Program Description

The applied criminology program is on the forefront of understanding advanced criminological theories and the behavioral manifestations of violent offenders, and applying this knowledge to create policies and practices to prevent and/or predict the occurrences of serious offenses, and for those major crimes that have been committed, to identify the offenders and develop relevant admissible evidence before any number of courts or tribunals. Students may select to pursue the master's degree and two certificates.  In the master's degree program, students begin by building a strong foundation of theoretical and research knowledge and skills. Thus equipped, students learn to apply the theoretical framework to real-world situations involving criminal investigative analysis, equivocal death analysis and geographical crime analysis. The graduate faculty members combine their multi- and interdisciplinary expertise to the subject matter from criminological, criminal investigative, forensic, socio-psychological, legal and research-driven perspectives. The two certificates may be completed separately or as part of the master's degree.

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Global Online (100 percent online delivery)

Admission Criteria

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Students in the applied criminology program receive academic and professional advisement from the program coordinator and program faculty. Each student is assigned to an academic adviser from the time he/she is accepted into the program of study. Advisers work with students to discuss, monitor and provide advisement as it relates to their program of study.

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Phone: 724-938-4187

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Phone: 1-866-595-6348

Program Coordinator

John R. Cencich, J.S.D. (University of Notre Dame), LL.M. (Kent Law School, University of Kent at Canterbury), M.S. (Virginia Commonwealth University), B.S. (St. Paul's College), Professor

Phone: 724-938-1576
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Program Faculty

Aref M. Al-Khattar, Ph.D., M.A. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), B.A. (University of Jordan), Professor

Michael Hummel, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. (Columbia University), B.S. (University of the State of New York), A.S. (Troy State University), Professor

Raymond Hsieh, Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo), M.S. (Rochester Institute of Technology), B.A. (Central Police University-Taiwan), Professor

Julie Warnick, J.D. (Thomas M. Cooley Law School), B.S. (West Virginia University), Assistant Professor

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