2020-2021 Academic Catalog

M.A. in Criminal Justice Studies: Applied Criminology

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Program Description

The Applied Criminology concentration of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies presents advanced criminological theories and examines the behavioral manifestations of violent offenders. By combining the best of criminal justice and applied criminology study, the program enables students to build a strong foundation of theoretical and research knowledge and skills. This provides students with the sophisticated techniques needed to apply this analytical framework to real-world situations. Students also learn to apply this theoretical framework to real-world situations involving criminal investigative analysis, equivocal death analysis and geographical crime analysis.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Christopher Wydra

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)


Course Credits
CRM 700  Advanced Criminological Theories 3
CRM 710  Advanced Behavioral Crime Analysis Theory 3
CRM 720  Research Methods in Criminology 3
CRM 810  Violent Crime Analysis 3
CRM 820  Ethical and Legal Aspects of Criminology 3
CRM 830  Criminal Investigative Analysis 3
CRM 840  Equivocal Death Analysis 3
CRM 850  Environmental Criminology 3
Select one of the following:   
CRM 880  Criminology Thesis*    6
CRM 885  Criminology Internship 6
CRM 890  Criminology Studies Abroad* 6
GRA 662  Prior Learning Assessment (FBI Academy, FLETC, CFE Certification and similar academies and programs) 6
Credits from the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program 6
Total 30

* Depending on availability.

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