2020-2021 Academic Catalog

M.A. in Conflict Resolution Studies

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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution Studies is designed to help develop skills in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration and mediation for a variety of occupations in education, human resources, labor relations, law enforcement, counseling, government, law, social work, military and court systems.

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)

Classes are conducted online with field experiences and internships taking place at the student's site.


Course Credits
Required Courses
CRS 700  Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice 3
CRS 710  Special Topics in Conflict Resolution  3
CRS 725  Restorative Justice and Victim Offender Mediation 3
CRS 735  De-escalation and Community Conflict Management  3
CRS 740  Legal Aspects of Conflict Resolution 3
CRS 750  Dialogue, Persuasion, and Negotiation 3
CRS 765  Family Meditation Theory and Practice 3
CRS 770  International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution 3
CRS 780  Principles of Mediation Practice 3
CRS 790  Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution 3
CRS 800  Research Methods in Conflict Resolution 3
Capstone Experience (choose one)
CRS 810  Conflict Resolution Internship 3
CRS 819  Applied Research Project 3
Total 36

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