2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Dual Degree: Applied Criminology and Tactical Strength and Conditioning

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Program Description

Through this dual degree program, students earn a M.A. in Criminal Justice: Applied Criminology and a M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Tactical Strength and Conditioning.


Course Credits
Exercise Science and Health Promotion Courses 24
PRF 700  Orientation to Exercise Science and Health Promotion 3
PRF 719  Advanced Techniques in Tactical Strength and Conditioning 3
PRF 720  Essentials of Human Movement Science 3
PRF 759  Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Design 3
PRF 765  Nutrition for Peak Performance 3
PRF 770  Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription 3
PRF 789  Current Topics in Tactical Strength and Conditioning 3
PRF 810  Research in Performance Enhancement 3
Applied Criminology Courses 24
CRM 700  Advanced Criminological Theories 3
CRM 710  Advanced Behavioral Crime Analysis Theory 3
CRM 810  Violent Crime Analysis 3
CRM 820  Ethical and Legal Aspects of Criminology 3
CRM 830  Criminal Investigative Analysis 3
CRM 840  Equivocal Death Analysis 3
CRM 850  Environmental Criminology 3
CRM 870  Special Topics in Criminology 3
Total 48