2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Dual Major: Forensic Linguistics and Arabic

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Program Description

Through this dual major program, students earn a M.A. in Criminal Justice: Forensic Linguistics and a M.A. in Arabic Language and Linguistics.


Course Credits
Arabic Courses 24
ARB 610  Arabic Linguistics 3
ARB 620  Arabic-English Translation 3
ARB 630  Arabic Literature and Social Cultural Aspects 3
ARB 640  Arabic Dialect Acquisition and Variation 3
ARB 650  Images of Islam 3
ARB 660  Advanced Arabic Composition 3
ARB 670  Methods of Teaching and Learning Arabic 3
ARB 810  Special Topics in Arabic 3
Forensic Linguistics Courses 24
CRM 600  Seminar in Forensic Linguistics 3
CRM 610  Forensic Sociolinguistics 3
CRM 620  Forensic Language Structure I 3
CRM 640  Forensic Language Structure II 3
CRM 650  Author Profiling and Threat Assessment 3
CRM 670  Authorial Attribution and Speaker Identification 3
CRM 690  Legal and Ethical Issues in Forensic Linguistics 3
CRM 700  Advanced Criminological Theories 3
Total 48

Note: Students in CRM 690 will be required to undertake a project, which serves as a culminating experience that is applicable to Arabic language and culture and forensic linguistics.