2020-2021 Academic Catalog

M.A. in Criminal Justice Studies: Forensic Linguistics

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Program Description

The Forensic Linguistics concentration of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies builds knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of forensic linguistics. Professionals in this field work as practitioners or consultants, bringing their expertise to criminal and civil investigations, corporate and national security matters, legal proceedings, and analysis of evidence such as emergency phone calls, suicide notes, ransom demands and fraudulent documents.

Program Coordinator

Dr. John Cencich

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)


Course Credits
Required Core Courses 6
CRM 700  Advanced Criminological Theories 3
CRM 720  Research Methods in Criminology 3
Concentration Courses   24
CRM 600  Seminar in Forensic Linguistics 3
CRM 610  Forensic Sociolinguistics 3
CRM 620  Forensic Language Structure I 3
CRM 640  Forensic Language Structure II 3
CRM 650  Author Profiling and Threat Assessment  3
CRM 670  Authorial Attribution and Speaker Identification  3
CRM 690  Legal and Ethical Issues in Forensic Linguistics 3
CRM 855  Applied Research in Criminology 3
Capstone Experience (select one) 6
CRM 880  Criminology Thesis*
CRM 885  Criminology Internship 6
CRM 890  Criminology Studies Abroad* 6
GRA 662  Prior Learning Assessment (FBI Academy, FLETC, CFE Certification and similar academies and programs) 6
Total 36

*Depending upon availability.

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