2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Endorsement in Gifted Education

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Program Description

This PDE-approved gifted education endorsement program is designed to prepare certified instructors in the content, pedagogy and dispositions necessary for teaching gifted learners. It is intended to improve a teacher's skills in dealing with complex classroom settings and is added to existing Level I or Level II certificates (but is not required to perform service in these areas). 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Connie Monroe

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)


Pennsylvania Act 24, 34, 114, 131 and 151 clearances (or appropriate clearances for non-Pennsylvania residents) are required for field-based course registration but not admission. Applicants may be admitted to the program but will not be able to register for field-based courses until all of the up-to-date clearances are submitted.


Course Credits
EDU 701  Foundations of Gifted Education 3
EDU 702  Instructional Design and Strategies for Gifted Education 3
EDU 703  Assessment and Identification of Gifted Students 3
EDU 705  Program Models for Gifted Education: Service Delivery Options 3
Total 12

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