2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Certification: Administrative Program for Principals

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Program Description

The Administrative Program for Principals certification program is a certification-only track for those who have previously obtained a master's degree and are seeking principal's certification. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Silvia Braidic

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)

Classes are conducted online, with field experiences and internships taking place at the student's school site.

Program Accreditation

Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this online program meets state educational requirements for certification as a principal. The program complies with Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards, and may be used to meet certification and professional development requirements in other states. 


Course Credits
ADP 621  Curriculum Leadership Using a Standards Aligned System 3
ADP 626  Instructional Leadership and Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms 3
ADP 631  School Law and Ethics 3
ADP 641  School Community Relations Seminar  3
ADP 647  Orientation and Assessment 3
ADP 661  Educational Leadership 3
ADP 670  Internship Part 1 3
ADP 670  Internship Part 2 3
Total 24

Additional Requirements

Completion of an approved certification program is one requirement for certification in Pennsylvania. In the certification process, the University informs the state that a student has completed the University's state-approved program. The state then reviews the student's credentials and determines eligibility for certification. We encourage all students to review the Pennsylvania Department of Education certification requirements before beginning Cal U's program. The endorsement for certification process must be initiated by the student once they have met all state requirements.

Students seeking certification in a state other than Pennsylvania must check their respective state Department of Education requirements and whether completing the principal program at Cal U will be accepted. Out-of-state students seeking Pennsylvania certification are required to notify the department of that intent in order to meet the Pennsylvania certification expectations. Additional information related to Pennsylvania certification can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website: www.education.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/pennsylvania_department_of_education/7237.

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