2021-2022 Academic Catalog

M.Ed. in Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis (Autism Track)

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Program Description

The autism track of the applied behavior analysis concentration of the Master of Education in Special Education program prepares students to take the certification exam to become board-certified behavior analysts as they also earn a certificate in autism. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Peter Heh

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)


Course Credits
Required Courses 12
ESP 740  Nature/Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ESP 741  Communication, Behavior and Instruction: Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ESP 742  Life Transitions and Partnerships: Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ESP 743  Navigating the Social World: Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
Required Specialized Courses 18
ESP 700  Foundations of Measurement and Experimental Design in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
ESP 701  Introduction to Behavior Analysis 3
ESP 750  Concepts, Principles and Assessments 3
ESP 751  Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions 3
ESP 752  Behavioral Assessment, Intervention and Supervision in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
ESP 753  Professional Ethical Practice for the Behavior Analyst 3
Required Capstone Course 3
ESP 800  Seminar in Advanced Behavior Analysis and Research Design 3
Total 33

Course Options:

  • ESP 754 Applied Behavior Analysis Practicum Training (3 to 12 credits)

Individuals may choose to arrange for the accumulation of experience hours through enrollment in ESP 754. Students may only enroll in this course through department approval for 3 credits per semester. Individuals enrolled in ESP 754 must follow observation and supervision guidelines per the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). Individuals are not required to enroll in ESP 754 to meet graduation requirements.


Practicum for the applied behavior analysis program gives students a wide range of potential placements, including public and private school settings; individualized home programming sites; and other mental health-related settings. Students will be supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst while applying the content they have covered during their coursework. Students must first complete ESP 700 and ESP 701 prior to being permitted to enroll in practicum.

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