2020-2021 Academic Catalog

M.Ed. in Special Education: Dual PreK-4/PreK-8 Certification

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Program Description

The Master of Education in Special Education: Dual PreK-4/PreK-8 Certification program is intended for applicants who do not already hold Pennsylvania teaching certification. Upon completion, the student will hold a master's degree in special education and will be eligible for dual certification in Pre-K to grade 4 and Pre-K to grade 8 special education.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Jason Kight

Delivery Mode

Traditional (on-ground, face-to-face delivery, with some online/distance elements)


Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation  (CAEP, formerly NCATE)

Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education


Course Credits
Core Courses
ESP 610*  Special Ed: Foundations and Collaboration  3
ESP 620  Special Ed. History, Theory and Exceptionality 3
ESP 639  Field Experience Seminar in Special Education 3
ESP 701*  Introduction to Behavior Analysis  3
Specialized Courses
ECE 703  Literacy Development 3
ECE 707  Leadership and Management in Early Childhood  3
ELE 701  Teaching Language Arts 3
ELE 702  Teaching in Reading 3
ELE 711  Teaching in Mathematics  3
ELE 718  Teaching Expressive Arts 3
ELE 721  Teaching in Science 3
ELE 731  Teaching in Social Studies 3
ESP 602  Life Skills Planning and Instruction 3
ESP 603  Assessment and Prescriptive Teaching 3
ESP 607  Early Intervention: Special Education 3
ESP 612  Evidence-based Practices for PreK-8 Inclusion 3
ESP 622  Advanced Evidence Practices for PreK-8 Inclusion 3
Capstone Courses**
ELE 795  Student Teaching Internship 3 to 9
ESP 661  Student Teaching Internship 3 to 9
ESP 800  Seminar in Advanced Behavior Analysis & Research Design 3
Total 63

* ESP 610 and ESP 701 are prerequisite courses for all other ESP courses.

** Total of 12 credits for capstone courses.

Program Requirements

PA certification requires the following at the undergraduate or graduate level:

  • College-level Mathematics (6 credits)
  • English Composition and English/American literature (3 credits/3 credits)
  • Health and Wellness (3 credits)
  • Citizen: Geography, Political or Economy (3 credits)
  • English Language Learners (3 credits)
  • Instructional Technology (3 credits)
  • U.S. History (3 credits)
  • Physical Science (3 credits)
  • Environmental/Earth Science (3 credits)
  • Biology (3 credits)

Students must take the Graduate Comprehensive Exam.

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