2021-2022 Academic Catalog

M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Applied Sport Science

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Program Description

The applied sport science concentration of the Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion connects students with new ways to help their clients achieve peak physical performance. This concentration was created in partnership with FusioneticsĀ®.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Barry E. McGlumphy

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online delivery)


Course Credits
GRA 800  Graduate Internship 6
PRF 700  Orientation to Exercise Science and Wellness 3
PRF 701  Advanced Topics in SAQ and Endurance Training 3
PRF 705  Industrial, Clinical and Corporate Wellness 3
PRF 715  Business and Entrepreneurship in the Fitness Industry 3
PRF 716  Advanced Techniques in Movement and Recovery 3
PRF 720  Essentials of Human Movement Science
PRF 756  Program Design for Optimizing Human Movement and Recovery 3
PRF 760  Leadership and Professional Development 3
PRF 765  Nutrition for Peak Performance 3
PRF 770  Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription 3
PRF 786  Current Topics in Movement and Recovery Science 3
PRF 816  Research in Movement and Recovery Science 3
Total 42

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