Sexual Assault Investigation and Victimization

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 Certificate: Sexual Assault Investigation and Victimization - Credits:15 (program code: 0719)

Program Description

This post-baccalaureate certificate program addresses a set of skills for the investigation of a wide array of sexual-based crimes. The skills taught in this program are necessary for the legally sustainable identification of defendants in accordance with the demands of high-profile prosecutions.

In addition, the program focuses on the legal issues related to victims of sex crimes, so investigators can meet the legal standards for prosecutions, while maintaining a level of compassion for the victims. The legal standards for forensic investigations of sex crimes require both a scientific understanding of the investigation and sensitivity to the increasing demands for a higher level of scrutiny of the techniques used by investigators, medical examiners and forensic technicians. This program stresses the compassionate understanding of sex crime victimization necessary for investigators to effectively work with victims.

The Sexual Assault Investigations and Victimization certificate program is designed for students who are seeking specialized courses in sexual assault investigations and sex crime victim advocacy.

This certificate program combines graduate courses from the M.S. in Legal Studies: Criminal Justice and Law and Public Policy concentrations. Students can complete the five courses within one year.

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100 percent online delivery)

Curriculum - Certificate: Sexual Assault Investigation and Victimization

Course Credits
LAW 702  Law, Science and Forensic Applications 3
LAW 730  Independent Study in Law and Public Policy 3
PCJ 750  Sexual Assault Investigations  3
PCJ 752  Digital Imaging, Forensic Photography and the Law 3
PCJ 755  Polygraph and Lie Detection 3
Total 15


 Students in this certificate program receive academic and professional advisement from the program coordinator and program faculty. Each student is assigned to a dedicated faculty member adviser from the time they are accepted into the program of study. Faculty members work closely with students to discuss, monitor and provide advisement as it relates to their program of study and their careers.

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For Additional Information

Phone: 866-595-6348

Program Coordinator

Christina A. Toras, J.D. (Capital University Law School), M.A. (East Carolina University), B.A. (Youngstown State University), Professor, Full-Time Faculty; Director, Institute for Law and Public Policy

Specializations: legal research and writing, real estate and corporate law, legal system ethics, case law and public policy
Phone: 724-938-4716

Program Faculty

Emily Sweitzer, Ed.D. (West Virginia University), Certified Forensic Science and Law (Duquesne University), B.A., M.S. (California University of Pennsylvania), Professor

Brian Kohlhepp, M.A. (California University of Pennsylvania), B.A. (Waynesburg University), Ross Police Detective Division Supervisor, FBI JTTF, Assistant Professor

Karl Williams, M.P.H., M.D. (University of Pittsburgh), B.S. (Oberlin College), Instructor

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