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Master of Social Work - Credits: 39 (advanced standing program) - 57 (regular program) (program code: 0350)

Program Description

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program is committed to developing students' personal and professional growth, appreciating diversity, using an advanced generalist perspective to make a difference in rural environments, and preparing graduates to be highly competent, effective and well regarded social work practitioners. Our MSW program prepares students to respond professionally and creatively to the increasingly complex matrix of rural human needs and strengths in a changing society. It also provides students with a theoretical and professional practice focused curriculum in social work that promotes an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and its importance to competent advanced generalist practice. Built on a professional advanced generalist curriculum model, the program prepares students to work in direct and indirect practice and develops their leadership capacities to prevent and meet needs that affect people in southwestern Pennsylvania, including urban environments, and is designed for students with bachelor's degrees in psychology, social sciences, sociology, liberal arts and other disciplines.

The 57-credit regular MSW program begins in the fall semester. The full-time regular program requires two years (four semesters). The part-time regular program takes three years; students must register for at least 6 credits each semester, are required to follow the plan for appropriate course sequencing, and must complete degree requirements within six years. The advanced standing program has 39 credits, and is designed for students with bachelor's degrees in social work from Council on Social Work Education accredited programs. It takes three semesters of full-time study (fall, spring, fall). Part-time advanced standing students follow requirements for part-time students and normally finish in two years (four semesters). 

Delivery Mode

Traditional (on-ground, face-to face delivery, with some online/distance elements)


Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

Admission Criteria

Curriculum - Master's


Students in the social work program receive academic and professional advisement from the program coordinator and program faculty. Each student is assigned to an academic adviser from the time he/she is accepted into the program of study. Advisers work with students to discuss, monitor and provide advisement as it relates to their program of study.

Program Website

For Additional Information

Phone: 724-938-4187

Program Coordinator

Dr. Sheri Boyle
          Web Page
: 724-938-1597

Program Faculty

Ann B. BegamascoB.S. Social Work, M.S.W. Social Work

Dr. Selina Matis, B.S. Social Work, M.S.W. Social Work

Dr. Gwendolyn D. Perry-Burney, Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh), B.S.W., M.S.W. (Temple University), Associate Professor

Dr. T. Thao Pham,
MSW (Smith College), Ph.D., (Columbia University), B.A. (University of Houston), Assistant Professor

Dr. Rosalie Smiley,
M.S.W., L.M.S.M., M.P.H., Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh), Professor

Dr. Pamela C. Twiss,
Ph.D., M.S.W. (University of Pittsburgh), B.A. (Point Park College), Associate Professor

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