2020-2021 Academic Catalog

B.S. in Psychology to M.A. in Conflict Resolution

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Program Description

Cal U's Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provides students with a scientific foundation of psychology as well as in a variety of applied areas. Qualified undergraduate students in the Psychology program may be eligible to participate in the accelerated B.S.-to-M.A. program, which enables them to take graduate courses that apply to both their bachelor's degree in Psychology and (thereafter) a master's degree in Conflict Resolution Studies.  

The Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution Studies is designed to help develop skills in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration and mediation. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Beverly Ross


The following curriculum shows the requirements for completing the bachelor's degree under the accelerated B.S.-to-M.A. program. Additional graduate-level courses are required to complete the master's degree; refer to the graduate academic catalog for these requirements.

Course Credits
General Education Courses 40-41
Free Electives 37
Required Major Courses 42
PSY 100  General Psychology 3
PSY 220  Descriptive Statistics in Psychology 3
PSY 331  Inferential Statistics in Psychology 3
PSY 340  Psychological Tests and Measures 3
PSY 345  History and Systems in Psychology 3
PSY 365  Research Methods in Psychology 3
PSY 460  Senior Seminar: Special Topics in Psychology 3
Psychology Content Courses 21
Qualifying students may opt to take any of the following graduate-level courses in place of psychology electives:
CRS 700  Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice 3
CRS 720  Socio-Cultural Approach to Identify Conflict  3
CRS 730  Nonviolence Theory and Practice 3
CRS 770  International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution 3
Total 120

Additional Requirements

Undergraduate students in the accelerated program may register for no more than 6 graduate credits in any one term, and in terms when a graduate course is registered, the student may not register for more than 18 total credits.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply and meet the qualifications of the graduate program portion of the accelerated program. Failure to follow through with enrollment in the accelerated graduate program will result in additional undergraduate credits to complete the bachelor’s degree, as outlined in the Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Courses policy.

Additional accelerated program requirements may be found at: https://www.calu.edu/inside/forms/_files/academic-affairs/accelerated-program-application.pdf

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