Digital Media Technology

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In our digital world, we receive information through a variety of sources, whether it be through:

  • Print, such as packaging, signage, vehicle wraps and print publications.
  • On-screen displays, such as our cell phones, tablets, computers or digital signage.

A degree in digital media technology (DMT) prepares students to design, create AND deliver content, whether it be using print technologies (such as lithography, flexography, screen printing, digital presses and wide-format printers) or through the use of motion graphics, websites, video, animation or games for on-screen devices. The future of this field is being driven by the complementary nature of digital and print communication, and the tailored solutions that meet the needs of clients and consumers.

Mission Statement

The DMT program offers a two-year Associate of Science degree and a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, preparing students for successful careers in the fields of print and digital media technologies. The primary mission of the program is to develop people with critical and analytical thinking skills required in these fields. Additionally, the program:

  1. Prepares students for advanced careers in the print and digital/media communication field through practical projects and critical-thinking assessments;
  2. Provides a hands-on learning environment with access to various technologies required to produce industry-standard pieces;
  3. Involves professors who incorporate industry experience to not only teach, but also to support learning with real-life scenarios and insight; and
  4. Engages a strong alumni base and network of industry professionals to assist post-graduation job placement.

Program Objectives

The DMT program at Cal U has been designed to develop people who understand the managerial as well as the technical and creative aspects of digital/multimedia, graphic communication and commercial printing. This comprehensive program includes a core curriculum of technical hands-on laboratory courses involving such topics as digital page layout, print media production processes, application programming, specialty graphics print techniques, web publishing, digital photography and digital audio and video. Managerial courses concentrate on the principles of management and marketing, human resources and business, and estimating and cost analysis. After completing a required set of core courses, students select an area of concentration, either print or multimedia, in which to focus their interest. The capstone experience of an internship and senior seminar provides students with real-world experience and prepares them to take their place in a globally competitive technical environment.

National Accreditation

The program has national accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communication (ACCGC).

Employment Opportunities

The digital media field is large and diverse and employs more than 3 million people. This large and ever-evolving industry is experiencing a wave of technological advances, which means new skills, new job opportunities and new challenges for graphic professionals. The future for people involved in digital media is bright. The size and tremendous diversity of the field provides a wide variety of career opportunities for men and women of all interests, talents and educational levels. With annual sales in excess of $84 billion, the United States still produces large quantities of print and related work. Currently, there is a shortage of skilled employees in a full range of digital/multimedia and print related companies. Experts predict a continuation of the labor shortage in the industry since many young people are simply unaware of the opportunities in this exciting and job-rich field. The following list indicates some of the job titles that our graduates hold or qualify for:

  • Print Production Supervisor
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Web UI Designer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Social Media/Web Specialist
  • Print Estimator
  • Motion Graphic Designer/Animator
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Digital Content Developer
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Creative Specialist
  • Social Video Editor
  • Print and Marketing Associate
  • Online Content Coordinator
  • Print and Media Buyer
  • Mail Data Specialist
  • Webmaster

The program has seen a 92 percent placement rate in recent years.

Student Clubs

Students can join the Screen Printing Student Association, where club members perform printing and design services, conduct industrial tours and attend conferences. Active participants in this club can gain beneficial hands-on experience beyond required class and labs.

Digital Media Technology Scholarships

The Kenny Hager Memorial Scholarship and the Kurt Nordstrom Memorial Scholarship are offered exclusively to Digital Media Technology majors through California University of Pennsylvania. Scholarships are also available from the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Foundation, the Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation, the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. and the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation through the Printing Industries of America.