Industrial Technology (Associate Degree) and Technology Management (Bachelor's Degree)

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Technology management is a field of study designed to prepare technically competent industrial technologists and management professionals for employment in business, industry and government. The career focus for graduates of the industrial technology program is industrial and management supervision. The Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering Technology (ATMAE) has determined that certification as an industrial technologist requires an educational background in production/operations management, quality control, safety management, and production and inventory control.

An associate degree is offered in industrial technology and a bachelor's degree is offered in technology management. Associate degree students develop technical skills in industrial safety, machine tool manufacturing, materials technology, automation/robotics, electronics, drafting and design, CAD, and quality control. The bachelor's degree program focuses on operations management, industrial cost analysis, operations research, project management, computer-integrated manufacturing, and production and inventory control.

The technology management degree is an upper-division program. Admission is open only to students who have completed an Associate of Science degree in a technology-related field. The following California University associate degrees are approved as prerequisites for the upper-division bachelor's degree in industrial technology: computer engineering technology, computer science technology, electrical engineering technology, and industrial technology. Technology-related Associate of Science degrees from other colleges and universities qualify. Associate of Applied Science degrees qualify provided they include algebra, trigonometry, physics and quality control. The additional courses required to complete the industrial technology bachelor's degree are offered via the Web. For information on eligible programs, contact the program coordinator at or 724-938-4087.  

Employment Opportunities

The associate degree program prepares technically competent professionals as industrial technicians for employment in industrial and manufacturing enterprises. The career focus for bachelor's degree graduates is industrial and manufacturing supervision. Employment opportunities in industrial technology are diverse, with graduates finding careers as CAD operators, drafters, designers, engineering technicians, production supervisors, purchasing agents, industrial researchers, safety managers, manufacturing technicians, systems analysts, quality control managers, CNC machine programmers, robotic technicians, industrial trainers and sales representatives.

Nanofabrication manufacturing technology concentration in industrial technology offers concentrations in nanofabrication manufacturing technology (NMT) through Pennsylvania State University's Center For Nanotechnology Education and Utilization now. Associate degree students who select the NMT concentration complete the NMT capstone semester at Penn State. To pursue the NMT concentration in the bachelor's degree program, students must first complete an NMT-related associate degree. To learn more about the center, visit

Industrial Technology Student Club

Majors are encouraged to join the National Association of Industrial Technology Student Club, which provides opportunities to enhance technical skills and professionalism. Club members participate in industrial tours, attend conferences and develop technical skills through service projects.