Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Management

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Prerequisite: Associate of Science degree in an industrial technology-related area (60 credits minimum) or approved equivalent. Of the 60 credits, 30 will be applied to the California University requirements in General Education, and 30 credits will be applied to the major requirements. Associate of Applied Science degree programs qualify for admission to this program, provided students have completed algebra, trigonometry and physics. Students who have not taken Statistical Quality Control should do so as a technical elective.

Course Credits
Required Major Courses 60
Related Associate Degree Credits 27
ITE 305  OSHA General Industrial Safety 3
ITE 342  Quality Planning and Analysis 3
ITE 375  Principles of Production  3
ITE 376  Technical Supervision 3
ITE 385  Industrial Cost Estimating 3
ITE 420  Production Analysis 3
ITE 461  Supply Chain Fundamentals 3
ITE 471  Project Management 3
ITE 481  Concepts and Issues in Industrial Technology 3
ITE 495  Internship OR ITE 499 Research Project 6
Free Electives 18
Related Associate Degree Credits 6
Student-Selected Electives 12
General Education  42
Related Associate Degree Credits 27
ECO 201  Principles of Microeconomics
General Education Courses 12
Total 120