Technical Studies (Associate Degree)

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The requirements for this program are flexible. California University collaborates with companies, governmental agencies, labor unions, educational institutions and individuals to design and deliver a technical concentration that includes the knowledge and skills employers demand. A General Education component provides a balanced associate degree. The program addresses the rapidly expanding technician-level employment opportunities available in the new economy by providing customized technical concentrations that meet the ever-changing needs of business and industry.

Departmental Lab Facilities

Applied engineering and technology courses are taught in three buildings on campus. The Eberly Science and Technology Center houses the EET Analog Lab, the Digital/Embedded Systems Lab and the California Manufacturing Assistance Center, which includes labs for CADD, materials testing, metrology, computer numerical control and automation/robotics. Helsel Hall has labs for CADD/drafting, digital prepress, electronics, foundry, graphics/printing, machine tools, manufacturing technology, multimedia technology, photography darkroom and photography studio. Coover Hall has labs for bio-related technologies, elementary school technology, screen printing, flexography, engineering materials and physical technologies.


During an internship, students work in organizations related to their employment goals where they receive practical experience in applying the knowledge and skills they have learned at the University. Graphics and multimedia students are required to complete an internship. Bachelor's degree students in computer engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, technology management and technology education are encouraged to complete an elective internship.