2020-2021 Academic Catalog

A.S. in Computer Engineering Technology

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Program Description

The Associate of Science in Computer Engineering Technology (CET) degree provides education and skill development in hardware configuration, software development, programming applications and the interfacing of hardware and software systems. Students receive hands-on training on various computer systems, test equipment and software products.

Delivery Mode

Traditional (on campus)


The following four-semester schedule of courses provides a recommended framework for completing this program of study in two years.

Course Credits
First Semester 13
CSC 120  Problem Solving and Programming Constructs** 3
GET 130  Intro to Engineering Technology** 3
ENG 101  English Composition I** 3
MAT 181  College Algebra** 3
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar** 1
Second Semester 16
CSC 124  Computer Programming I** 3
EET 110  Electrical Circuits I* 4
ENG 217  Scientific and Technical Writing I** 3
MAT 191  College Trigonometry* 3
General Education Course 3
Third Semester 15
CET 235  Digital Electronic Design* 4
CSC 265  Object-Oriented Programming* 3
EET 160  Electrical Circuits II* 4
PHY 101  College Physics OR  PHY 121  General Physics I ** 4
Fourth Semester 16
CET 270  Introduction to Microprocessor Design* 4
CSC 328  Data Structures* 3
EET 215  Intro to Instrumentation* 3
MAT 195  Discrete Math Structures* 3
Elective 3
Total 60

* Required major and related courses

** Required and recommended general education courses

Program Notes:

  • Students may take MAT 199 Pre-Calc in lieu of MAT 181 and MAT 191, followed by MAT 281 Calculus I, for a more rigorous math track. 
  • Students planning to continue on to the B.S. CET program should take Calculus I and PHY 101 College Physics (instead of PHY 121). 
  • Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to qualify for graduation. 


College Algebra (3 crs.) and College Trigonometry (3 crs.) may be substituted for Pre-Calculus, if math placement test score does not permit direct entry into Pre-Calculus, or if students would prefer less intense coverage of this material.

Continuing Education

Graduates of the A.S.-CET program are eligible to enroll in the B.S.-CET program. All credits earned toward the A.S.-CET degree count toward the B.S.-CET degree. Students considering completion of a bachelor's degree in CET should select General Education credits that apply. Consult your adviser.