2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Minor in Graphic Design

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Course Credits
Required Core Courses 18
DES 227  Visual Communication I 3
DES 327  Visual Communication II 3
DES 361  Typography I 3
ART 110  Drawing 3
PHI 335  Aesthetic Theory 3
CDC 201  Argument and Advocacy 3
(Select one of the following) 
ART 212  Art History I 3
ART 214  Art History II 3
ART 243  Intro to Asian Art 3
ART 270  Art History Today 3
ART 323  Women in Art 3
ART 324  Modern Art 3
ART 326  Contemporary Art 3
ART 333  American Art 3
ART 420  Contemporary Issues in Art 3
ART 422  After Modernism 3
Total 21

Program Notes: Course substitutions and admission to closed sections will not automatically be granted to fulfill requirements for minors; students should plan their schedules carefully and in a way that will allow them to take needed courses. They should consult with their major adviser when working on their schedule; however, they must also consult with the “department of the minor” when registering for upcoming classes.