Minor in Parks and Recreation

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Our curriculum places equal emphasis on both general and professional education. Coursework in general education, which includes broad exposure to the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences, is designed to give you greater self-awareness and the enhancement of critical thinking abilities. Core courses in the major area of concentration are designed to provide you with the background and skills necessary to assume the leadership responsibilities of a parks and recreation management professional.

Cal U Minor Policy

Refer to https://www.calu.edu/inside/policies/_files/undegraduate/Minor.pdf for information on Cal U's policy on minors. 


Below is the framework of courses for completing the 18-credit Parks and Recreation minor.

Course Credits
Required Course 3
REC 165  Introduction to Recreation and Leisure*
Electives** 15
Group 1 Courses: 300-Level REC 6 to 12
REC 361  Recreation for Diverse Populations 3
REC 362  Recreation Facility Design and Management 3
REC 365  Recreation Resource Management 3
REC 374  Recreation Management and Leadership 3
REC 378  Commercial Recreation 3
Group 2 Courses: 400-Level REC/GEO 3 to 9
REC 412  Recreation Program Design and Evaluation 3
REC 478  Professional Development in Parks and Recreation 3
GEO 474  Developing the Master Plan 3
Group 3 Courses: Other Parks and Recreation Management Courses 0 to 6 
REC 225  Recreation and Youth Development 3
REC 235  Special Event Management in Recreation Settings 3
REC 240  Human Ecology 3
REC 246  Scenic Areas of U.S.  3
REC 270  Interpretative Methods in Recreation 3
REC 280  Adventure/Outdoor Recreation Outfitting 3
GEO 479A  Internship in Parks & Recreation 3 only
Any Other Future REC Courses 3
Total 18

* REC 165 is a pre-requisite/co-requisite for ALL 300- and 400-level REC courses.

** Use the following guidance when selecting electives:

  • Choose two courses from Group 1 (6 credits).
  • Choose one course from Group 2 (3 credits).
  • Choose two additional courses from groups 1, 2 or 3 (6 credits).