2020-2021 Academic Catalog

B.S. in Exercise Science

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree prepares students for careers in wellness and fitness. Students pursuing the program will be prepared to sit for a certification in personal training offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 

Fall and spring semesters include two 8-week terms each. The summer includes two 5-week terms or one 10-week term. 

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online)


The following sequence is one of three potential sequences for this program. The program has different matriculation dates, necessitating this need. Visit our website at https://www.calu.edu/catalog/current/cohort-sequences.aspx to determine which sequence best fits your situation.

Course Credits
Year 1  
First Semester (Fall) 13
FIT 100  Intro to Fitness 3
FIT 125  Fundamentals of Speed Training 3
HSC 110  Anatomy and Physiology I 4
SPT 300  Psychology of Sport 3
Second Semester (Spring) 13
ATE 340  Sports Nutrition 3
FIT 115  Applied Anatomy and Physiology in Wellness and Fitness 4
HSC 115  Current Health Issues 3
SPT 305  Ethics in Sport 3
Third Semester (Summer) 16
General Education or Electives 16
Year 2  
Fourth Semester (Fall) 12
FIT 300  Business Aspects of Fitness 3
FIT 305  Motivational Strategies in Wellness and Fitness 3
HSC 275  Functional Kinesiology 3
SPT 400  Legal Aspects of Sport 3
Fifth Semester (Spring) 12
FIT 250  Current Topics and Strategies for Youth Fitness 3
FIT 325  Integrated Personal Fitness Training 3
FIT 335  Integrated Personal Fitness Program Design 3
HSC 325  Physiology of Exercise 3
Sixth Semester (Summer) 15
General Education or Electives 15
Year 3  
Seventh Semester (Fall) 12
FIT 380  Wellness and Fitness for the Aging Population 3
FIT 405  Wellness Seminar I 3
FIT 425  Evaluating Research in Fitness and Wellness 3
FIT 430  Applications of Research in Fitness and Wellness 3
Eighth Semester (Spring) 12
FIT 350  Fitness and Special Populations 3
FIT 401  Leadership Concepts and Actions in Wellness and Fitness 3
FIT 410  Wellness Seminar II 3
FIT 420  Contemporary Issues in Wellness and Fitness 3
Ninth Semester (Summer) 15
General Education or Electives 15
Total 120

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