Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

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The exercise science program is designed to prepare students for careers in the blossoming wellness and fitness arena.

The course sequence is designed so that it does not overwhelm our busy students. In most semesters, students will not be required to take more than two courses at once (6 or 7 credits each term), allowing students to focus time and energy on successful completion of each course. Fall and spring semesters include two eight-week terms each. The summer includes two five-week terms or one 10-week term. 

Students pursuing the program will be prepared to sit for a certification in personal training offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Enrollment is limited, so if you are interested in the program, please contact us at your earliest convenience and indicate your interest in the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science program. 

Transfer credits are accepted, so students who have previous college coursework will be able to apply appropriate credits toward their Cal U degree. For students who do not have any college credits, all 120 credits of the program will be available in a 100 percent online format from Cal U. 

The following sequence is one of three potential sequences for this program. The program has different matriculation dates necessitating this need. Visit our website at to determine which sequence best fits your situation.

Course Credits
Year 1  
First Semester (Fall) 13
FIT 100  Intro to Fitness 3
FIT 125  Fundamentals of Speed Training 3
HSC 110  Anatomy and Physiology I 4
SPT 300  Psychology of Sport 3
Second Semester (Spring) 13
ATE 340  Sports Nutrition 3
FIT 115  Applied Anatomy and Physiology in Wellness and Fitness 4
HSC 115  Current Health Issues 3
SPT 305  Ethics in Sport 3
Third Semester (Summer) 16
General Education or Electives 16
Year 2  
Fourth Semester (Fall) 12
FIT 300  Business Aspects of Fitness 3
FIT 305  Motivational Strategies in Wellness and Fitness 3
HSC 275  Functional Kinesiology 3
SPT 400  Legal Aspects of Sport 3
Fifth Semester (Spring) 12
FIT 250  Current Topics and Strategies for Youth Fitness 3
FIT 325  Integrated Personal Fitness Training 3
FIT 335  Integrated Personal Fitness Program Design 3
HSC 325  Physiology of Exercise 3
Sixth Semester (Summer) 15
General Education or Electives 15
Year 3  
Seventh Semester (Fall) 12
FIT 380  Wellness and Fitness for the Aging Population 3
FIT 405  Wellness Seminar I 3
FIT 425  Evaluating Research in Fitness and Wellness 3
FIT 430  Applications of Research in Fitness and Wellness 3
Eighth Semester (Spring) 12
FIT 350  Fitness and Special Populations 3
FIT 401  Leadership Concepts and Actions in Wellness and Fitness 3
FIT 410  Wellness Seminar II 3
FIT 420  Contemporary Issues in Wellness and Fitness 3
Ninth Semester (Summer) 15
General Education or Electives 15
Total 120