2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Department of Health and Human Service Professions

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Communication Disorders: Dr. Ralph Belsterling | Nancy Carlino | Dr. Joseph Constantine | Dr. Denise Joseph | Dr. Robert Skwarecki | April Wright

Social Work: Ann Bergamasco | Dr. Azadeh Block | Ashley Barr Soske | Dr. Sheri Boyle | Erica Maloney | Dr. Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux | Dr. Pamela Twiss | Dr. Carolyn Wass | Dr. Bonnie Young Laing | Jane Zupancic

For faculty bios, visit: https://www.calu.edu/inside/faculty-staff/profiles/index.aspx


Cal U's Department of Health and Human Service Professions includes undergraduate programs in communication disorders and social work. 

  • B.S. in Communication Disorders
  • BSW in Social Work
  • Minor in Social Work
  • Minor in Women's Studies