2020-2021 Academic Catalog

BSW in Social Work

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in Social Work degree builds knowledge and skills related to the delivery of social services to individuals, families and groups. Students complete 480 hours of practicum with a social services agency or organization as part of this program. 

Delivery Mode

Traditional (on campus)


This BSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.


The following eight-semester schedule of courses provides a recommended framework for completing this program of study in four years.

Course Credits
Freshman Year  
First Semester 16
ENG 101  English Composition I** 3
PSY 100  General Psychology*  OR  SOC 100  Principles of Sociology** 3
SOW 150  Introduction to Social Work* 3
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar** 1
General Education Courses 6
Second Semester 15
ENG 102  English Composition II** 3
SOC 100  Principles of Sociology**  OR  PSY 100  General Psychology* 3
General Education Courses 9
Sophomore Year  
Third Semester 15
SOW 201  Interviewing for the Human Services* 3
SOW 208  Diversity in a Changing World* 3
SOW 215  Human Behavior and the Social Environment I: Life Course* 3
General Education Courses 6
Fourth Semester 15
SOW 302  Social Work Practice with Individuals*  3
SOW 316  Human Behavior and the Social Environment II: Groups, Organizations and Communities* 3
General Education/Elective Courses 9
Junior Year  
Fifth Semester 15
SOW 304  Social Work Practice with Families* 3
SOW 360  Social Welfare History, Policy Analysis and Social Service Delivery* 3
Social Work Special Interest Course* 3
General Education/Elective Courses 6
Sixth Semester 15
SOW 303  Human Sexuality and Society** 3
SOW 345  Social Work Practice with Groups* 3
SOW 370  Policy Practice in Social Work* 3
Social Work Special Interest Course* 3
General Education/Elective Course 3
Senior Year  
Seventh Semester 15
SOW 405  Social Work Research Methods* 3
SOW 349  Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities* 3
Pre-Practicum Orientation 0
General Education/Elective Courses 9
Eighth Semester 15
SOW 425  Field Education* 12
SOW 435  Field Education Seminar* 3
Total 120

* Required major and related courses

** Required and recommended General Education courses

Special Interest Courses

  • SOW 306  Social Work in the Rural Environment
  • SOW 330  Child Welfare
  • SOW 340  Poverty and Related Social Problems
  • SOW 350  Social Work with the Aging
  • SOW 364  Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOW 410  Social Work in Mental Health
  • SOW 495  Seminar in Special Topics

Additional Requirements

Full admission into the upper-division skills classes of the social work program requires that the student apply for degree candidacy prior to entering SOW 302. By the start of this class (SOW 302), students must have:

  1. completed a minimum of 45 credit-hours;
  2. completed SOW 150, 201, 208 and 215 and ENG 101 and 102 with a minimum grade of C; and
  3. achieved an overall GPA of 2.00.

Social work majors also need to complete Social Work Pre-Practicum Orientation the semester before they enroll in SOW 425 and 435.

Students need to maintain a 2.50 GPA in the major to remain in good standing and to graduate from the program.

Related Courses/Electives

To earn the BSW degree, students must take the following courses as related courses and related electives:

  • PSY 100 General Psychology
  • Any two ANT, ECO, GTY, POS, PSY, SOC, SOW or WST courses, one 200 level or above, one 300 level or above

General Education Requirements and Recommendations

To earn the BSW degree, students are required to take the following courses to complete their General Education requirements:

  • ENG 101 and 102 (with grades of C or better)
  • SOC 100  Principles of Sociology (social sciences menu)
  • Any PHI (ethics preferred), ENG literature or foreign language (humanities menu)
  • Any natural science (anatomy/physiology or BIO preferred) (natural sciences menu)
  • Any HIS course (U.S. history recommended) (General Education options)
  • Any POS course (American government recommended) (General Education options)

The Department of Social Work recommends that students in the major choose from the following courses for other General Education requirements or for free electives:

  • BIO 103  Contemporary Issues in Biology
  • BIO 112  Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • CSC 101  Personal Productivity Software (technological literacy menu)
  • ECO 100  Elements of Economics
  • GIS 311  Geographic Information Systems
  •  GTY 100  Introduction to Gerontology
  •  MAT 215  Statistics (math menu)
  • PSY 400  Abnormal Psychology
  •  SOC 205  Contemporary Social Problems
  •  SOW 303  Human Sex and Society (health and wellness menu)

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