2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Minor in Social Work

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Program Description

The Social Work minor provides students with a fundamental knowledge of social work processes and theories of human behavior in the social environment. It facilitates an understanding of social work as an allied profession or further study in the field.


Course Credits
Social Work Program Requirements 18
SOW 150  Introduction to Social Work 3
SOW 201  Interviewing for the Human Services 3
SOW 208  Diversity in a Changing World 3
SOW 215  Human Behavior and the Social Environment I: Life Course 3
SOW 316  Human Behavior and the Social Environment II: Groups, Organizations and Communities 3
SOW 360  Social Welfare History, Policy Analysis and Social Service Delivery 3
General Education (Health and Wellness) 3
SOW 303  Human Sex and Society 3
Total 21


Program Notes: Contact the Department of Health and Human Services for a permit override for SOW 303 and 360.