Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant

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Admission to the PTA program is competitive, and a limited number of qualified students are selected into the technical phase of the program. A student will begin in the pre-technical phase of the program, after which application to the program is made during the fall semester, first year. For more detailed admissions requirements visit:   

The following five-semester schedule of courses provides a recommended framework for completing this program of study in 21 months.

Course Credits
Fall Semester - Year One*** 15
CDC 101  Public Speaking** 3
HSC 110  Human Anatomy and Physiology I** 4
PSY 100  General Psychology** 3
PTA 100  Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant* 3
PTA 101  Basic Physical Therapy Procedures* 1
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar** 1
Spring Semester - Year One 17
ENG 101  English Composition I** 3
GTY 100  Intro to Gerontology  OR  SOC 100  Principles of Sociology** 3
HSC 120  Human Anatomy and Physiology II** 4
HSC 290  Therapeutic Modalities* 4
PTA 230  Physical Therapy Across the Lifespan* 3
Summer Semester - Year One 9
HSC 275  Functional Kinesiology* 3
PTA 110  Introduction to Pathology* 2
PTA 150  Physical Therapy Clinical Internship I* 4
Fall Semester - Year Two 16
PTA 205  Interventions in Cardiopulmonary Impairments* 3
PTA 210  Interventions in Neurologic Impairments* 4
PTA 225  Interventions in Orthopedic Impairments* 4
PTA 240  PTA Special Topics* 3
PTA 260  Pharmacology and Imaging* 2
Spring Semester - Year Two 14
PTA 200  Professional Issues in Physical Therapy* 2
PTA 250  Physical Therapy Clinical Internship II* 12
Total 71

* Required major and related courses

** Required and recommended General Education courses

*** This semester is designed to be a rigorous test of the student's academic abilities. The student's performance during the fall semester of the first year will largely determine if the student is admitted to the technical phase of the program.