On-Campus Liberal Studies A.A.

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Course Credits
General Education  
COM XX  Any Public Speaking Course 3
ENG 101  Composition I 3
ENG 102  Composition II 3
Fine Arts Course 3
General Education Course 3
Health and Wellness 3
Humanities Course 3
Mathematics & Quantitative Literacy Course 3
Natural Sciences Course 3
Social Sciences Course 3
Program Requirements  
Lower and/or Upper Division Electives (Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences) 15
Upper Division Electives (Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences) 9
Additional Electives  6
Total 60

Program Notes:

  • Additional Requirements: One course must be a laboratory course. 
  • Required Major Courses must be selected from the following disciplines: ANT, ARB, ART, BIO, CHE, CMD, COM, CSC, EAS, ECO, EDE, EDU, ELC, ELE, ELM, ENG, ENS, ESP, FRE, GEO, HIS, JUS, LEA, MAT, MUS, PHI, PHS, PHY, POS, PSY, SEC, SOC, SOW, SPN, TED, THE, WFD, WST
  • A maximum of 24 credits can be used with the same course prefix.
  • 12 credits (4 courses) of upper-division (300 or 400 level courses are REQUIRED.
  • Developmental courses do not count toward the 60 credits necessary for graduation, but are calculated in your overall GPA. 
  • For assistance, please contact the College of Liberal Arts - Library 450, Department of History, Politics, Society and Law.