2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Certificate in Spanish for Business

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Program Description

The Spanish for business sub-baccalaureate certificate is designed to meet the needs of business majors, business professionals and others seeking to pursue business opportunities or international trade in Spanish-speaking countries or U.S. communities with Spanish-speaking customers and clients. Students learn practical language skills that are specifically designed to address business situations, such as serving Spanish-speaking customers, understanding the economic realities in relevant countries, and successfully undertaking financial and commercial aspects in domestic or international Spanish-speaking communities. Emphasis is placed on everyday spoken Spanish and business terminology.

Delivery Mode

 Global Online (100% online)


Course Credits
SPN 101  Elementary Spanish I 3
SPN 102  Elementary Spanish II 3
SPN 203  Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPN 305  Spanish for Business  3
Total 12


To successfully complete the certificate program, students must take all four courses: SPN 101, 102, 203 and 305, regardless of their pre-existing level of Spanish.

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