2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Certificate in Spanish for Law Enforcement

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Program Description

The Spanish for law enforcement sub-baccalaureate certificate is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement officers, correctional officers and public and private security personnel, and for those students seeking employment in a related field. Students learn basic practical language skills that will assist them as criminal justice practitioners in a number of situations, such as law enforcement commands and dealing with suspects, victims and witnesses; prison populations; and border and immigration issues. Students will also learn about Hispanic culture and customs so they can better understand the needs of members of their communities.

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100% online)


Course Credits
SPN 101  Elementary Spanish I 3
SPN 102  Elementary Spanish II 3
SPN 203  Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPN 304  Spanish for Law Enforcement  3
Total 12


To successfully complete the certificate program, students must take all four courses: SPN 101, 102, 203 and 304, regardless of their pre-existing level of Spanish.

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