Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems

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Dr. Mohamed Benbourenane (chair) | Dr. Gina Boff | Dr. Kaddour Boukaabar | Dr. Weifeng Chen | Dr. Gary J. DeLorenzo | Dr. Maggie Habeeb | Dr. Olaniyi Iyiola | Dr. Leandro Junes | Dr. Lisa Kovalchick | Dr. Pratibha Menon | George D. Novak | Dr. Bismark Oduro | Dr. Anthony S. Pyzdrowski | Paul Sible | Dr. Melissa Sovak

Purpose and Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is a sufficiently flexible program that permits the student to select courses that meet particular interests and needs. It allows for both depth and breadth of study in mathematics as well as study in the natural sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is designed to prepare the student for continued study at the graduate level or for employment in business, industry or government.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is designed to provide the student with a strong computer science background that will prepare the student to succeed in either graduate school or industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Education is a program designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in secondary teaching of mathematics.


In addition to the degree programs, the department offers minors in computer information systems, computer science, mathematics and statistics.