2020-2021 Academic Catalog

B.S. in Chemistry

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is a foundational natural science degree that incorporates knowledge bases in chemistry, physics, mathematics and other related subjects, allowing students to develop the necessary theoretical and practical skills for a successful career in the private or public sectors as well as professional and graduate study. The program creates an educational environment that encourages independent and critical thinking; collegial exchange of ideas; effective reasoning; and communication skills and high ethical standards. The program aims to produce graduates who can:

  • Acquire factual and theoretical knowledge of chemistry.
  • Develop laboratory knowledge and skills while sustaining a commitment to safety.
  • Employ technology to obtain and utilize chemical information.
  • Communicate effectively.   

Delivery Mode

Traditional (on campus)


The B.S. in Chemistry degree is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS).


The following eight-semester schedule of courses provides a recommended framework for completing this program of study in four years.

Course Credits
Freshman Year  
First Semester 17
CHE 101  General Chemistry I 4
ENG 101  English Composition I 3
UNI 100  First-Year Seminar 1
Free Elective (mathematics course, if needed, to prepare for Calculus I) 3
General Education Courses 6
Second Semester 17
CHE 102  General Chemistry II 4
CHE 331  Organic Chemistry I 4
ENG 102  English Composition II 3
MAT 281  Calculus I 3
General Education Course 3
Sophomore Year  
Third Semester 15
CHE 104  Introduction to Experimental Chemistry 3
CHE 306  Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHE 341  Organic Chemistry II 3
MAT 282  Calculus II 3
General Education Course 3
Fourth Semester 14
CHE 320   Analytical/Instrumental Methods  3
CHE 371   Intermediate Laboratory I 1
PHY 101   College Physics I
MAT 381   Calculus II 3
General Education Course 3
Junior Year  
Fifth Semester 15
CHE 372  Intermediate Laboratory II 1
CHE 415  Biochemistry 4
PHY 202  College Physics II 4
Free Elective 3
General Education Course 3
Sixth Semester 13
CHE 461  Physical Chemistry I 3
CHE 471  Advanced Laboratory I 1
Free Elective 3
General Education Courses 6
Senior Year  
Seventh Semester 15 or 16
CHE 462  Physical Chemistry II 3
CHE 472  Advanced Laboratory II 1
CHE 491  Research I 2
Chemistry Required Related Course 3 or 4
Free Electives 6
Eighth Semester 14 or 15
CHE 492  Research II 2
Chemistry Required Related Course 3 or 4
Free Electives 6
General Education Course 3
Total 120

Program Notes: 42 total credits must be 300 level and above. At least one elective course (3 credits) must be 300 level and above.

Related Courses (select two; 6 or 7 credits)

  • CHE 381  Environ Chemistry (4 credits)
  • CHE 420  Adv. Analytical Chemistry (3 credits)
  • CHE 421  Adv. Inorganic Chemistry (3 credits)
  • CHE 433  Adv. Organic Chemistry (3 credits)
  • CHE 497  Special Topics (3 credits)

Free Electives (20 or 21 credits)

  • Chemistry coursework is strengthened by taking additional courses in science and technology. Students are encouraged to enroll in additional courses in biology (BIO), chemistry (CHE), computer science (CSC), earth science (EAS), electrical engineering technology (EET), environmental science (ENS), industrial technology (ITE), mathematics (MAT) or physics (PHY). Students should work with their assigned advisers to explore possible options for a minor. 

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