Music and Theatre

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As a department within the College of Liberal Arts at California University of Pennsylvania, the Department of Music and Theatre serves as the creative outlet for its students, faculty and staff.  Students in both programs (music and theatre) will find supportive environments that will help them shape and showcase their unique talents. Join others who will challenge you to craft artistic works that move and inspire! 

The Department of Music and Theatre offers a wide variety of majors, minors, ensembles, certifications and performance opportunities. Explore the fields of commercial music technology, entertainment technology, musical theatre, acting, directing, stage management and more with passionate faculty who seek to share their art with you. Through rigorous study and ample practical opportunity, our students develop their chosen craft. 

Music and Theatre students find employment in a variety of professional settings, including:

  • Theatre companies
  • Production companies
  • Studios



Theatre is an undergraduate program in the College of Liberal Arts.  The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre programs strive to produce a community of lifelong artists with the skills and abilities to succeed in the fast-paced, high tech arts and entertainment industry, while instilling the importance of being socially and globally responsible artists who contribute to the creation of art and entertainment that educates our community, region, country and the world about the human condition. Theatre also contributes to the cultural life of the University and serves as a cultural resource for the people of southwestern Pennsylvania.  Theatre serves a dual function, providing occupational education and training for passionate and driven students pursuing careers in theatre and providing educational and performance opportunities for all students.

Theatre majors are required to take practicum credits, which give students practical experience in various areas of production:  acting, dance, design, directing, dramaturgy, outreach, stage management, technical production and technical direction. As students advance in their training, they have the opportunity to be awarded significant production responsibility working alongside faculty as a member of the artistic team. Opportunities include:

  • Full production direction
  • Design
  • Technical direction
  • Choreography
  • Playwrighting
  • Dramaturgy

The Bachelor of Arts In Theatre program is accredited the National Association of Schools of Theatre, which is only awarded to those programs who commit to the rigorous standards and practices determined by this national arts organization.

Our theatre program is one of the few to have earned Educational Affiliate status with Estill Voice International®.  Estill Voice Training (EVT) puts the scientific theory into concrete practice to maximize voice control for your speaking, your singing and your health.  EVT is utilized by professional artists on Broadway, on television and in film. Today’s musical theatre performers are asked to sing in a variety of styles with increasing expectations of individual range. Knowledge of the voice gained in EVT provides a host of options that lead to vocal sustainability in today’s performance environment.  Students can elect to pursue their Certificate of Proficiency in EVT prior to graduation.

A minor in arts administration, event planning, psychology or music is recommended for those majoring in theatre. 


The department offers a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Music Technology (CMT) with three areas of focus: 

  1. Music
  2. Technology
  3. Entrepreneurship

Additionally, the Commercial Music Business option, a concentration of the CMT degree, places emphasis on business and entrepreneurship training to develop business-minded artists. 

Students from any major may also choose to minor in music.

Admission to the commercial music technology and commercial music business programs is by audition only.