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Dr. Holiday Adair (chair) | Dr. Angela Bloomquist | Dr. Rueben Brock | Dr. Carrie Elkin | Dr. Justin Hackett | Dana Keener | Tamare Piersaint | Dr. Rebecca Regeth | Dr. Kristen Schaffner | Dr. Darla Timbo


Psychology is one of the social/behavioral sciences engaged in the systematic study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology focuses on the study and explanation of patterns of individual behavior, thoughts and emotions. It does so from a variety of perspectives that emphasize intrapersonal, interpersonal, social and physiological factors. The field of psychology seeks to understand individual behavior and use that information to assist people in living more adjusted and fulfilling lives.


The department offers the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree with course offerings in the scientific foundations of psychology as well as a variety of applied areas.

A minor in psychology is also offered to students in other programs.

Honor and Professional Societies

Qualified majors can join Psi Chi, the national honor society. The department also sponsors a Psychology Club that hosts guest speakers, organizes trips to conferences of professional interest, and provides career and employment information.


Traditionally, psychologists have been employed in universities, schools and clinics. Today, more than ever before, they can be found working in businesses, hospitals, private practice, courtrooms, sports organizations, police departments, government agencies, private laboratories, the military, personnel resource management and other settings. Many career opportunities in psychology, however, require an advanced degree.