Minor in Women's Studies

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Women's studies is an interdisciplinary field that provides a framework for examining gender and social justice issues within individual, familial, national and global systems. Analysis of the complex intersections of individual and cultural factors, such as gender, sex, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, religion and ability, and how they relate to power and social justice, are integrated throughout the program.

Women's studies courses challenge students to reconsider assumptions about the similarities and differences between and among women, men and all genders. Students expand their knowledge of the experiences of groups who are often not highlighted in traditional curricula. As a result of increased knowledge, new perspectives and self-reflection, students gain an enhanced understanding of themselves and a greater respect for people of diverse populations.

The women's studies minor enhances all people’s preparation for careers and promotes personal growth.

A minor in women's studies better equips a person for professional and personal life by promoting critical-thinking skills as well as a keen awareness of how gender and diversity affect perspectives and experiences. Employers often prioritize hiring candidates who appreciate and respect diversity and who are able to successfully work with diverse populations.

Advancement and success in many professional fields require taking advantage of the recent explosion of new information about gender, multiculturalism and cultural competence. The minor complements a wide range of fields, such as social work, psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, criminal justice, education, business, nursing, counseling, law, art, journalism, political science, athletics, English and medicine, to name a few.

Women's studies is a unique discipline in academia. Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to explore their relationship to the content of the curricula and to gain a deeper, more personal understanding of the material.

Curriculum - Minor in Women's Studies

Course Credits
Required Courses 6
WST 200  Intro to Women's Studies 3
WST 400  Capstone: Advanced Women’s Studies 3
Women's Experience Electives (select two courses) 6
ANT 300  Cultural Views of Women 3
ENG 127  Woman as Hero 3
ENG 315  Survey American Women Writers 3
HIS 309  Gender in Latin America 3
HIS 312  Women in Europe  3
HIS 325  History of American Women 3
NUR 101  Women’s Health Issues 3
PSY 311  Psychology of Gender Roles 3
SOC 290  Gender and Work 3
SOC 320  International Women’s Movement 3
WST 300  Selected Topics 3
WST 320  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies 3
WST 330  Exam Gender, Race, Sexuality and Class in Visual Media 3
WST 340  International Violence: Focused on Women 3
WST 430  Women’s Studies Internship  3
Women's Studies Electives (select three courses) 9
ANT 300  Cultural Views of Women
ANT 329  Anthropology Internship 3
ECE 319  Parent and Community Involvement in Education  3
ECE 405  Early Childhood Education Seminar  3
EDU 310  Teaching Multicultural Society 3
ENG 112  Myth, Magic and Mysticism 3
ENG 127  Woman as Hero 3
ENG 315  Survey of American Women Writers 3
GTY 200  Aging in American Society 3
GTY 300  Aging Policies and Services 3
GTY 310  Aging in the Family 3
GTY 330  Dying, Death and Bereavement 3
GTY 340  Diversity in Aging 3
HIS 309  Gender in Latin America 3
HIS 312  Women in Europe 3
HIS 317  African-American History to 1877 3
HIS 318  African-American History since 1877 3
HIS 325  Women in U.S. History 3
HIS 347  Race and Ethnicity in U.S. 3
HIS 352  Native American History to 1850 3
HIS 353  Native American History from 1850 3
HIS 366  History of Modern Latin America 3
HIS 422  History of the Antebellum South 3
HIS 445  Social History 3
JUS 215  Victimology 3
JUS 399  Selected Topics (with WST director's approval) 3
PHI 225  Social/Political Philosophy 3
POS 322  Politics of the Middle East 3
POS 323  Politics of Latin America 3
POS 325  Politics of Asia 3
POS 326  Politics of Africa 3
PSY 311  Psychology of Gender Roles 3
PSY 424  Capstone (with WST director's approval) 3
PSY 425  Project (with WST director's approval) 3
SOC 205  Contemporary Social Problems 3
SOC 210  Social Stratification 3
SOC 290  Gender and Work 3
SOC 315  Social Minorities 3
SOC 320  International Women's Movements 3
SOC 325  The Family 3
SOC 377  Modern Freedom Movements 3
SOC 410  Social Theory and Society 3
SOW 303  Human Sex and Society 3
SOW 308  Diversity in a Changing World 3
SOW 340  Poverty/Related Social Problems 3
SOW 495  Seminar in Special Topics (with WST director's approval) 3
WST 300  Selected Topics in Women's Studies 3
WST 320  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies 3
WST 330  Examining Gender, Race, Sexuality and Class in Visual Media 3
WST 340  International Violence: Focused on Women 3
WST 430  Internship in Women's Studies 3
Total 21

Program Notes

9 credits must be in 300- and 400-level courses.

Contact Information

For more information about the women's studies program, classes or requirements for the minor, contact Dr. Marta McClintock-Comeaux, Director of Women's Studies, Women's Studies Program, California University of Pennsylvania, 250 University Ave., California, PA 15419; 724-938-5245; mcclintock@calu.edu.